At, a division of Easel Moments Inc., we offer highest quality wooden and aluminum metal cremation urns at wholesale prices for human and pet ashes.

We offer pristine quality unique and beautiful cremation urns including keepsake urns at the lowest wholesale prices possible. These finely crafted products are truly the highest quality you will find anywhere. All hardwood products we offer are biodegradable and made from renewable, sustainable and durable beautiful acacia and other hardwoods.

Impeccable workmanship and attention to detail are the hallmarks of all urns we offer.

All metal urns we offer are engravable and provide an elegant and dignified tribute to your beloved pet. Memorialize!

All wooden urns and boxes offered are laserable and provide unlimited options for customizing laser engraving of your choice.

We understand that families and funeral professionals have to juggle between so many details and costs. That's where we come in to help in alleviating this stress during such times by offering the very best at the lowest cost possible and pass the savings to the families trying to etch that legacy forever.

Only the best for your loved ones! Cherish & Commemorate!

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